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Frequently asked questions


1. More resilience means worse machining?

Not always, if the resilience is obtained with a thermal treatment it will have better mechanical properties and also good machining properties.


2. Are precision tubes and conduction tubes the same?

No, the conduction tube has no heat treatment and it is usually sold welded. The calibrated precision tube receives an specific treatment and keeps its properties after further processing of the tubes.


3. What does the tolerance mean when supplying a tube?

When you ask for a dimension, you usually speak about the nominal size. You may take into account that there are tolerances for the outside diameter and the wall thickness. The tolerances are positive nor negative so you should ask for a proper dimension in order to machining.


4. Metal shaving machining could be done on a Chromed Steel bar?

Chrome gives an special hardness: 67 HRc, so machining it is not usually done on it.


5. What does yield stress mean?

It is the tensile load bearing material until its deformation.


6. What is tensile strength?

Once the deformation of the material is produced, it is followed by an increasing tensile stress until failure occurs. Full test measures the " tensile strength" and the elongation in% of the material.


7. What is the standard supplying length for a bar?

There is no standard length. It depends on the raw material (billet) used in the extrusion of the perforated bar. Although for better handling we consider the approximate length of 6 meters.


8. Recommendations for centering the bar when machining.

Because of the tolerances, the bar should be previously measured to center it on the outside or inside diameter. That´s how we avoid wastes of material.


9. Measuring Hardness in a hollow carbon steel bar.

It should be done using the Brinell or Vickers´ tables, never HRc since it could distort the data. HRc hardness is only used for high resistance steel bars.


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